With almost 50 episodes spanning 2 seasons, Coffee With Claire (CWC) has a strong presence with its fans and followers.

S02, Ep 05: Benny Wright, The What If Series on Being a Private Adjuster

Do you know what a public insurance adjuster is? In this episode, meet Benny Write, an adjuster with Jansen International. He explains how he and his brethren can help you through the claims process with your insurance company.

Episode also features Von Daniel and Claire discussing their new series “Behind the Wall.”

S02, Ep 04: John Allen, The What If Series on Insurance

The first in a series we call “What If?” In this episode, we discover what you really need to know about insurance. Our guest, John Allen, is president and managing agent with Community Insurance Advisors. John’s mission is to set a new standard for the insurance industry. Here John walks us through a thought process of how we should engage an agent and get the most from our insurance policies. While many people buy insurance on price (whether it be for the house, car or business), most of us really have no idea what our policies cover. John clearly describes “all-risk” versus “named-perils” coverage, water endorsements and the difference between replacement and ACV (depreciated) claims settlements.

John has leveraged his passion for people and his attention to detail to grow an insurance business that is a true advocate for his clients.”

S02, Ep 02: Robi Ley, The BOOTS Method of Belief

Do we REALLY believe in what we do? Is belief an integral part of your life? In today’s episode, the first in a series, we start our discussion of the BOOTS (believe, overcome, own, trust and serve) method of a belief system.

Robi Ley is the owner and lead communication coach at WordCrafter Consultants. Robi believes that every person has a story. Her business is about helping people tell their story.

S02, Ep 01: David Barnes, Creating a Dynamic Shift in Your Life

If you have ever felt stuck and wanted to make a dynamic shift in your life, this is the episode for you. Our guest discusses how to overcome burnout, find balance and thrive in your new life.

David Barnes is a co-founder at Peace Of Mind Overtures and co-author of Taming Your Dragons: Making Peace with Your Emotions and It’s Just Commerce: Returning Balance to Business. He is the co-host of Peace Overtures Radio Podcast available on Speaker and iTunes.

S01, Ep 40: Dr. Ed Lewellen, Professional Relationships and Development

What do you need to do to take control of how you deal with the professional relationships in your life and improve your professional development potential?  Dr. Ed discusses with Claire how to come up with the best approach for you using his proven techniques.

Dr. Edward Lewellen holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, Certified Master Executive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Life Coach and has an MBA in Management. He has consulted with businesses, universities, and Chambers of Commerce on value-adding business forums and topics.

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With almost 50 episodes spanning 2 seasons, Coffee With Claire (CWC) has a strong presence with its fans and followers. 

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